Wednesday, November 10, 2004

FA week '02, e-love letters and the like

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Going through some old emails i came across pics sent by babar.

It's amazing how cool College Week was back then --- no curfews, zany guests, interesting events and yes, a great concert that brings people from the UP Concert into our college perimeter (that is one BIG pull, considering it's UP Fair and most people would flock to the Sunken Garden). These days people have been "classified", organized and unfortunately,cleared of any memory of the glory days of FA. I say glory days because it was not merely the physical chaos that showcased the creative, almost psychotic state of arts and culture in FA, it was everybody's state of mind that said "Fine Arts is not merely education and technical know-how; it's a friggin' way of life, a mindset that is unique and against the flow. It is not merely thinking; it is creating something unique and doing what is not in the norm." Nowadays i see normally-clad individuals trying to do something creative in an environment that demands order and mediocrity with its rules and regulations. *sigh* so much for creativity.

Searching through these i also came across several email correspondence i had with my last love. *sigh* how bittersweet the memory of love is. I stop and read some, and unknowingly read some more before i stop myself. I guess you can't hep but miss the guy, after all, he is - was - really sweet. No hard feelings on both our parts (i hope!) and for that i'm glad. Am i merely being sentimental? I hope that things are ok on his end.

Anyhoo, i am hoping for a cooler FA week for next year (still looking for something to the ones i remember). :-)

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hlF said...

yeah... i miss FA and all the fun we used to have. (;__;)

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